Walking along the causeway as I always do on a Sunday morning, I came across my shadow. Weird I thought. Why would my shadow be all alone out here where the tress don’t grow and the grass is slight? I then realized that it wasn’t my shadow but my fellow man’s.


As I set up my easel, a bird flew into my brain and asked if I was ready for the journey I was about to take. I said that I was and the bird flew back out towards a sailboat that was moored in the harbor.

How strange I thought that the same bird that I had always thought didn’t exist flew into my brain without warning. I knew this bird once. I knew it very well in fact. I knew it so well at one point in my life that it rested in my brain often. Was it time and disappointment that sent this bird away in the first place? I couldn’t answer this. In the end it didn’t matter so much. I was happy now and said goodbye to the bird.